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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Canine Massage?


Canine massage is the non-invasive manipulation of the skin and soft tissue using the hands and fingers to promote wellness, healing and emotional well-being.     

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2.  What makes canine massage different than human massage?


Much like human massage, canine massage is touch with intent, but

what makes canine massage different is understanding the subtle and

not so subtle communication of your dog to know how they feel and

where their problem areas are.  Dogs express pain and discomfort 

differently and use body language to tell us when they are uncomfortable or feeling pain.  


3.  How can my dog benefit from a massage?

Massage can benefit your doggie in so many ways.  Dogs can get stressed, injured or anxious.  Massage can calm and relax your dog, promote healing after surgery or an injury, stimulate circulation, reduce pain and discomfort, promote well-being, and it just feels good!

4.  How often can my dog have a massage?

Most dogs can benefit from a professional massage once or twice a week depending on their health and condition with the pet Mom or Dad helping out between sessions.  In some cases, massage sessions may only be once or twice a month.  After an initial assessment of your dog, I will work with you on a treatment plan and schedule that meets your doggie's needs.  

5.  What can I expect from my dog's first massage session?

Every dog is different and they relate to massage in their own way.  My goal is to build a trusting relationship with your dog, so they can be relaxed and receptive to maximize the benefits of their massage.  During our first session, your dog may not receive a full massage as I work to build trust with them. This is not unusual for the first few sessions.  Once your dog is comfortable and knows what to expect from a massage, your dog will be able to take full advantage of every session.


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