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Ever Wonder Why Having a Dog is So Beneficial for You.

Giving your dog a massage dog is not only beneficial for your dog, but it's also beneficial for you. Studies have shown that having a dog can be good for your heart and your soul.Check out this article, "10 Science Based Benefits for Having a Dog" from the American Kennel Club. Find out how having a dog makes us less lonely, reduces stress and makes us happier. Take a look at some of these great benefits of having a dog.

Dogs Make Us Feel Less Lonely: Dogs are always there for you even when people are not. They are loyal, loving companions and give you lots of love and affection.

Dogs are Good for Your Heart: Having a dog can lower your blood pressure and make it easier to respond to stressful situations. Studies have shown that having a dog can give you a longer life.

Dogs Help Reduce Our Stress: Did you know that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Canine cuddles and closeness can give your comfort in stressful times.

Dogs Help Us Cope with Crisis: Dogs can help us cope in stressful situations. Studies have shown that service dogs can significantly reduce PTSD.

Dogs Encourage You to Get Moving: You may sometimes not feel like getting up off the couch, but a dog will definitely motivate you to get on your feet and get moving. Our daily walks with our dog often get us the exercise we need each day.

Dogs Are Great Ice Breakers: If your introverted like me, you often avoid meeting or talking to new people. Having a dog can often be a great ice breaker when you see new people on your daily doggie walks. There's a good chance you'll strike up a conversation with someone on your daily walks especially if they're a dog lover.

Dogs Teach Us Unconditional Love: Dogs are special beings that show us what unconditional love is. We have lots to learn from our doggies and unconditional love is the greatest lesson we can learn from them.

Dogs Makes Us Happy: Having a dog can put a smile on your face every day. Whether it's their cute face, the goofy things they do, or just the special way they look at you, they can always make us happy.

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