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Howliday Gifts for You and Your Dog

Great holiday gift ideas for you and your dog.

The holiday season will soon be here and we will happily begin to prepare for our family gatherings and holiday shopping. It’s never too early to get started on shopping for a holiday gift for you, your dog or a special pet parent especially if you want to snag a great custom item. Here’s a few gift ideas for your pet and pet lover. (I have received no remuneration for any of the products or companies listed below.)

It is a good idea to order your customized gifts soon to be sure you have them in time for the holidays.

1) A cute and comfortable custom doggie bed created by Pinkmade is a great way to show your doggie how special they are. These handmade, made-to-order beds are shaped like flowers, pumpkins, waffles, fruits, and donuts. They are the cutest beds and are pretty cushioned too! The beds can be customized with your dog’s name and special orders can be requested. Check out Pinkmade’s Etsy shop to place an order. Image Courtesy JLN.

2) A commissioned portrait or a set of holiday cards featuring your dog by illustrator Lili Chin are fabulous gifts for yourself or your favorite pet parent. Lili Chin is a wonderful illustrator who focuses primarily on dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Her recent publication Doggie Language: A Dog Lover's Guide To Understanding Your Best Friend, is a great book for recognizing and understanding doggie language. If you want a specially commissioned portait of your dog or custom holiday cards featuring your dog you can order one through her website. Orders for holiday cards are now being accepted through November 15, so get your order in before the deadline. Image Courtesy Lili Chin

3) Have you ever wondered what your doggie would look like as a Royal Queen or King, a superhero or maybe even an astronaut? You now can by ordering a portrait from Noble Pawtrait or Crown and Paw. They have a wide variety of options. I love the portraits of my pup as a student at Hogwarts School and as the Queen of Roses that I ordered from both of these companies. Image Courtesy Noble Pawtrait.

4) How would you like to read about your dog’s adventures exploring the world? Well you can with a personalized story book featuring your dog. Check out Yappy for several options including Wondrous Adventures and Where’s Your Dog? (insert your dog’s name). Image Courtesy Yappy.

5) Many dogs don’t like walking in the rain, so why not get them their own umbrella. This pet umbrella with leash is a great way to walk your dog and keep them dry.

6) How about a great-looking hand-made fleece doggie coat to keep your dog warm and stylish on a cold, winter day. Doodlebugduds is a small family-owned business that creates warm and stylish fleece coats for doggies. Order a coat for your doggie at their Doodlebugduds shop on Etsy. They also have doggie pajamas, raincoats, blankets and toys. Image Courtesy Dooglebugduds.

7) What’s better than matching family pajamas? Matching family pajamas that include your doggie. Have a great holiday this season with matching pajamas for you and your dog. Pajamagram offers a variety of seasonal patterns from Peanuts and Mickey Mouse to Snowflakes and Candy Canes in sizes for everyone in your family including your dog. Image Courtesy Pajamagram.

8) Make your holiday a doggie theme this year with a doggie Christmas tree topper, doggie ornaments and a doggie themed tree skirt. Doggie tree toppers and ornaments can be purchased from iHeartDogs where proceeds go to help provide meals to shelter dogs. Image Courtesy iHeartDogs.

9) Paw print ornaments are a great way to honor and celebrate your doggie. Kits are available that use both clay and clean-touch ink pads to make the impression of your doggie’s paw. Image Courtesy Chewy.

10) Hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel is a great tradition, so why not include your doggie. Holiday stockings shaped like a paw or other pet themes can be personalized with your doggie’s name. You can also customize a stocking with photos of you and your dog. Image Courtesy Giftsforyounow.

Dogs are family members and special beings that give us unconditional love and companionship. These gifts will be great for your dog and will bring happiness to any pet parent or family.

Happy Howlidays!

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