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Meditating With Your Dog

Breath and Relax With Your Dog

Dogs are the best example of living in the moment. They spend many hours sleeping or relaxing with their eyes open and being present. You might even say they are meditating gurus. So what would be better than meditating with your doggie.

Meditation is a beneficial practice that can bring you calm and inner peace. It can do the same for your dog, so why not meditate with your pup and get double the benefits. Setting aside time each day to meditate with your dog will give you an opportunity for quality time with your pup to bond, relax, and enjoy the moment.

When most people think of meditation, they imagine sitting quietly in one place with their eyes closed, being aware of each inhale and exhale, and taking in all the sounds, smells and feelings of the moment. But other activities like walking can also be meditative. Let’s take a look at some meditation activities you can do with your dog.

Mindful Meditation

Set your intention to be mindful and calm with your dog before you start meditating and choose a quiet, peaceful location with few distractions.

  1. Remember that breathing is the single most important aspect of meditation. It allows you to focus on relaxing and being calm. Begin by focusing on your breathing and synchronizing it with your dog, aligning each inhale and exhale with your dog’s.

  2. Be patient as it may take some time to get your breathing synchronized with your furry companion.

  3. Playing soft, relaxing music is a good way to set a calm, contemplative environment. Many music streaming services offer dog relaxation playlists. Even YouTube can provide many hours of soothing music for your dog.

  4. When trying meditation with your dog, be mindful that they may not be in the mood to meditate and that’s ok. Be patient and try it again at a different time. The key to meditation with your dog is patience.

Massage and Meditation

Touch combined with conscious breathing can be a great meditative technique.

  1. In a quiet spot, begin breathing in synch with your dog with each inhale and exhale.

  2. Using a massage technique called effleurage, use long, slow strokes on your dog going from head to tail. This will calm and relax your dog as well as warm their tissue and muscles, and improve their circulation. Try to keep one hand on your dog at all times to maintain a continuous touch and connection.

  3. Dogs have a keen awareness of their human’s energy and can often sense when we are tense or anxious. Combining massage and meditation with our dog can help bring the energy levels of both ourselves and our dog to a more calm and relaxed state.

Walking Meditation

Walking can be a meditative activity for you while giving your dog some great exercise. The main focus while doing a walking meditation is to be present in the moment and be mindful of what you see and what you hear. Our dogs are the best examples of living in the moment, so when we follow their example, we can stay calm and present.

Meditating with your dog is a great doggie-human activity. It can not only be relaxing and calming, it can strengthen and enhance the bond between you and your dog.

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