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Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense Before Humans

Does it ever seem like your dog knows something or sees something that you don’t? Maybe they stick closer by you than usual or seem excited or agitated but you just don’t know why? Dogs are highly sensitive beings and keenly aware of their surroundings. They have alerted their families to fires, detected illness in their human companions, and sensed seismic changes before an earthquake. Here are some amazing things dogs can sense before we can:


A dog’s keen sense of smell makes them perfect for assisting those with medical conditions. The human body can produce odors from disease or illness too faint for the human nose. With their advanced sense of smell, dogs can detect these subtle changes and alert their pet parent. Some dogs have been trained to detect seizures before they occur, alert diabetic pet parents to dangerous changes in sugar levels, and they may even be able to sniff out cancer in humans.

Several months after a woman in Wisconsin received a diagnosis and treatment for an ovarian cyst, her dog Sierra, began pushing her nose into the woman’s stomach very intently. Sierra then hid as if she was afraid and sad about something. Her dog Mom felt Sierra was trying to tell her something, so she made an appointment with her doctor only to learn that she had stage 3 ovarian cancer. She was treated for the cancer but 18 months later, Sierra begin exhibiting the same behavior of pushing on her Mom's stomach and hiding. Her Mom again took Sierra’s cues and went to the doctor only to learn that her cancer had spread. The woman believes it was Sierra’s intuitive nature and sensitivity that gave her a chance for a longer life. Read the full story at:


Before the ground begins to shake from an earthquake, dogs have been known to exhibit changes in behavior like restlessness or anxiety. Some believe dogs can hear the rumbling of the earth before humans and can feel seismic activity through their paws.

Often we have no idea of an impending earthquake but dogs may be able smell, sense or hear signs of one. A woman in Taiwan had rescued a puppy from a parking lot, but little did she know that same puppy would save her life during an earthquake. Late one evening her dog, Twenty, starting acting strangely when he began barking at the ground outside. His Mom noticed that he seemed concerned about something. His insistent barking at the ground was so intent that his pet Mom postponed her shower. Minutes later a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit. The woman’s building was thankfully still standing and there didn’t seem to be too much damage to her home. But when she checked her bathroom, her entire glass shower door was shattered and the floor strewn with glass shards. It seems that Twenty saved her pet Mom from certain injury. Check out the full story at:


Dogs are very sensitive to their pet parent’s physical and emotional states. The change in physical appearance in pregnant women and the hormonal changes that occur may be triggers in a dog that make them more attentive to their pregnant human Mom. Some believe dogs may also be able to detect the onset of labor.

In 2019, a pregnant woman noticed changes in her dog’s behavior during her pregnancy. Her dog Diego was quite attached to her husband, but as her pregnancy progressed, he became more attentive to her. When her due date passed, his attentiveness increased. A day before she went into labor, Diego would not leave his pet Mom’s side and rather than sleeping at the foot of the bed he cuddled up to her baby bump. Read the whole story at:

Dogs are amazing beings. They are highly sensitive and intuitive often giving us signs that may indicate a change in our health and well-being. Always pay attention to the signs and signals your dog gives you. It may someday save your life or the life of your family.

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