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Zenn Peaceful Passage

Zenn Peaceful Passage provides compassionate support and guidance for pet caregivers on palliative and end-of-life care for your animal companions. 

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As a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner I can offer compassionate support for your beloved pet and for you, the pet caregiver, as you both navigate the often-difficult journey through illness and at the end-of-life. 

You are not alone in the journey.   


The goal of palliative and hospice care is to provide comfort and love to our animals, help them maintain a good quality of life, and prepare them for a peaceful death. 


Both palliative and end-of-life care are based on a simple concept of offering compassionate comfort care for the physical, social, and emotional well-being of your animal as well as care and guidance for you as the caregiver by providing logistical support as well as emotional care.  

Zenn Peaceful Passage can provide: 

Guidance and support during your companion animal's terminal illness.

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Offer suggestions for making your dog more comfortable to help maintain a good quality of life.
Help you and your family navigate difficult decisions.
Give support for end-of-life care and during the dying process.
Give support and guidance for after death decisions and memorialization.
What We Offer



1)  What is hospice or end-of-life care?  The words "hospice" or "end-of-life" care can be scary and are often misunderstood.  Many believe this type of care is for the last few weeks, days or hours before death, but the reality is that palliative and hospice/end-of-life care can begin months or years before impending death.  Its goal is to provide comfort care for your companion animal and help improve their quality of life through a terminal illness or age-related decline.  It also offers support to the caregiving family as you navigate an illness or end-of-life journey for your animal.

Animal hospice care also includes life-ending hospice-supported natural death or euthanasia.  It helps prepare caregivers for the death of their companion animal and cope with their subsequent grief from the loss.  

2)  Is there a difference between palliative and hospice/end-of-life care?   Both palliative and hospice care are based on a simple concept of offering compassionate comfort care for the physical, social, and emotional well-being of your animal.  They are both designed to make your animal's journey through a terminal or life-limiting illness, an age-related decline, and/or the dying process more comfortable while maintaining a good quality of life.  Palliative care can begin at any time while hospice/end-of-life care usually begins when there is a terminal illness diagnosed for which there is no curative treatment. 

3)  Are there options besides euthanasia for my pet?  Yes.  A hospice assisted natural death can be an option depending on the condition and disease of your companion animal.  Having a plan in place for end-of-life care is important in preparing for any scenario and to help in making difficult decisions that may need to be made. 

4)  How can Zenn Peaceful Passage help me and my pet?  Zenn Peaceful Passage offers compassionate comfort care to your companion animal to minimize discomfort and help improve their quality of life as they navigate the journey of a terminal illness or while at the end-of-life.  We can offer suggestions on how to make your animal more comfortable at home, work with you to prepare a plan for end-of-life care, help you engage an interdisciplinary team to offer alternatives to conventional treatments for illness, and help you navigate difficult end-of-life decisions.  Our comfort care extends to the caregiving family as we help you navigate alongside your beloved companion offering support and guidance with logistical planning, difficult decision making, and coping with grief at all stages of the journey. 


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